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Never give up and believe in your dreams always !

« PURPLE RAIN – WHEN DOVES CRY«  – My love « Prince »


The strange way of life, amazing weekend in New York for me. The ExpoMetro on Times Square was previously planned the 20th October (the same week of my Art Show with MvVoart in the Powerhouse Arts in Brooklyn), but the schedule had been moved for the 2nd December because a lot of artists were registered for the event and it was a good date too.

So I had my self portrait : My Angel – Mon Ange on the 1st billboard and my love « Purple Rain – When Doves Cry » inspired by Prince on the 2nd billboard.

I was on Times Square, front of the board in the crowd, not far away the office of the Paramount and I said to myself… « it’s completly crazy, again in NY, I realized anyway my dream to be on screen « .
It was my dream (who has never left my heart and mind) of my childhood to be an actress , but I couldn’t followed it… And for my 42 years… I was on the 42nd Street with my name on the screen !

I gave to myself for this particular Birthday, to see a piece of theater in Broadway too (a dream of little girl again), and the theater was at 2 minutes of the board , it was perfect , just between the 2 meeting points of the day. I went at 2pm to The Hayes Theater for the piece « Appropriate » with Mrs Sarah Paulson. A wonderfull experience and so great theater distribution (and I had nearly understand all the piece, I was very happy, I was able to enjoy all the show)

Realy, the meeting with Prince this year, give me so much happiness, and I had discovered very intersting things when I was working with him. And he gives me a beautfiul gift too.

When I was waiting my plane to go back home on Sunday, I decided to see if it was possible to make a inscription to the next contest of the Luxembourg Art Prize. I checked my account and… I see a little lovely crown at the end of the page, and when I clicked on it…. I had seen a certificate, but I had not understood right now what it was. I thought it was an exemple of the certificate that some artists (not given at all the artists who participed to the contest) received… And when I looked more carfully to the certificate, I read my full name… and It was a real…

So you have a little Lady in art, cried in middle of JFK … because this certificate is a recognition of the high artistic quality of my work… and it touched me, because my Purple Rain was the final canvas I submitted for this contest. This work had given to me a lot of teaching about me and to dare to do thing in painting and in life too. And I shown it on Times Square the same weekend, what a beautiful gift.

Wonderful end of exhibiton in NY with this certificate of the LUX.

Dear Prince, thank you for your help and the inspiration you gave me, it paid off, your crown make me lucky

I put the certificate in my section : certificates-certificats

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