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LUX ART PRIZE + CANNES 24 inspiration « Strange Way of Life » – Storytelling


by Pedro Almodovar with Ethan Hawke & Pedro Pascal


CHAPTER 1 : written 6th January 2024

Special movie for me … it follows me or I meet it… It dipends the point of view and that before the beginning…
I always follow my heart when I do things, that always be like that, it will never change. I keep a part of mystery for the first « Why » of this subject for my art project,… But, I can start my story where I want… I’m the scenarist, right so  : « Once upon a time… » 

We start the story after the beginnig of the « Why », in Barcelona. I was there for my exhibition of ExpoMetro « the Art Tunnel » in the Metro in Passeig de Gràcia. I had found a lovely hotel « the Granvia » created by a Chilean couple (1st sign, I should have been more attentive). It was really to some steps of the metro station L3-L4m where was shown my self-portrait.

On the way, I had seen a cinema (around at 300 meters of my hotel), and I’ve always wanted to see a movie in foreign country (in other language than mine), good occasion. Well, I’ll go after the opening to see if I can watch a movie before to come back my hotel.

And I recognized the poster the colser I got to the cinema, and … « Extraña Forma de Vida » was shown. I buy a ticket and waited to go inside the piece. The man said to me in spanish (I understand a little, but I don’t talk, just a few words…)

– Ten cuidado esto no es una película, señorita. (Be careful, this is not a film, ma’am)
– Si señor lo sé, gracias (Yes Sir, I know, thank you)

Tickets in Yelmo Films Barcelona for Extraña Forma de Vida

Little prediction given somewere by me on the web, when annonced for Cannes 2023… I said « it smells for prices »… Mmhh… Perhaps in 2024I had seen that annonced to the Oscars . (Good prediction by the little Lady in Art ? We ‘ll see )

Well, back on topic :
The door opened and I got to my place… black… and music…

CHAPTER 2 : written 7th January 2024

"When you follow your intuition, you already have the answer before to know the question a year before" 

The Little Lady in Art waits in the dark the first images. I was surprised to hear the language of Shakespeare  and not the Spanish, (okay the subtitles were in Spanish, that could not help me if I don’t understand several words…) But, I was more confident when I listened the actors. .

Very good surprise for me, I near all understand (when you come back to leran English, without the help of the French subtitles, it’s very cool)

Hereafter, I give my personal opinion :
I had very appreciate the short format of the movie, very intelligent directed and the choice to make « short », I say YES. Now I don’t like the movie in near half a day, it’s too much. And the risk to make only around 30 minutes, it takes to be accurate to the story to keep an interesting rhythm. (Si Señor, lo sé, corre, gracias : Yes Mister, I know, short, thank you) .

I liked the play of the main actors Ethan and Pedro. I found a good balance between them. I haven’t read the resume before to watch the movie, I would like to be in complete immersion in the story (I wanted to watch it in Switzerland when it will be projected ; so projected in English in Spain and not in Spanish that was funny and perfect for me).

I was surprised of the nuances that the 2 actors gave to the story. You have in a way Jake (Ethan H.) the cold side and the other way Silva (Pedro P.) the warm side, like to contrary elements, the water and fire meeting.

It’s in the exactly in the spirit of my first volet of artwork creation, that I finished just before to come in Barcelona in middle of June 2023.
Now, in this beginning 2024, we can say that I work on another way to interprate the 4 elements.

CHAPTER 3 : THIS WEEKEND ! – info of the 11st Jan. 24
I need to work on the canvas ! I have a lot of gluing to do and I need to allow time between each one , to have a good result and I work all the day so… painting by night !

Things promised… things due.. the rest… ( a little part today and for Saturday a little more)

CHAPTER 3 : written the 12th Jan. 24
Meeting with « Santiago de Chile » & Prince in Barcelona

The day after the opening, I decided to go in the metro station of the Passeig de Gràcia to make some souvenir photos for my artbook, and I was very happy to having met a lot of artists on place. The day of the opening, I made an artist friend now… from… Santiago de Chile ! We were on the same board with our paintings. It was a nice winke for me, I had just finished a painting of the city for my 2nd Duo for the Lux Art Prize 2023 with a view on Santiago before coming in Barcelona, and of course we know a guy who is from this town.

For this moment, I haven’t the idea to do a painting on the thema of the short Movie Extraña, the idea was coming later… We talk about it in next chapter perhaps …

During my stay, I take a coffee in the Hard Rock Coffee in place Catalunya, and I visited the place. I thought of my next painting for the Lux Art Prize, I would do it on the thema Purple Rain, like in acting I’ve studied months before the subject to be in harmony and in the energy with it.

I wasn’t sure to be engough ready for all I wanted to do. The first time I was doing a so big painting (I was a little scary, because I knew it was a challenge to finish it on time for the contest), and in the stairs of the Hard R. Coffee… I met Prince near in person, I was amaze . I let you see the story of my Purple if you are interested, you’ll find my big boy in the section Gallery 2023.

Prince was okay to work with me, I was touched for the signs I had have on place. I was on the good way, so a little less afraid to take the challenge.

Why this little apart with Purple ? To explain a little part of my « artmatical » way of creation… I follow my intuition, and I was already working, without to know at this moment consciously on the thema of the cinema for the next year… Purple Rain is a song and … a movie, so I was working of the link with my work of today. Strange no ? With me… not really, I have a lot of fun to discover the next part.

Next part… tomorrow

CHAPTER 4 : written the 14th Jan. 24

Back home, I follow the advance of Purple to finish for end September (last dead line of the LUX). A day of August, I took a break in my creation, (it’s good to take some steps back for having solutions), in my walk, I wanted to go to the cinemas. I stop front of (and that the real name of one of the 4 cinema in my city), the « LUX » (you want to do it on purpose, you can’t, this kind of things that happens regulary to me😅)

Well, I buy my ticket. and here we are again. This time… I have the subtitles in French to help me, I’m happy I had well understand all the movie in Barcelona the first time. The movie follows me… Okay, we keep in touch.

CHAPTER 5 : Little Lady in Art in New-York I Written 19th Jan. 24

Back form Barcelona, I found a possiblity to submit a file for an Art Show in NY. It was a dream of little girl to go in USA (NY or LA), when I was child, I would like to be an actress, it was my choice of life. But the life is sometimes hard and you must make choices (you’ll find that in Extraña Forma de Vida too), and I put all my dreams of theater and cinema in a little box on a shelf. (The box takes the dust… but my heart inside was sleeping, waiting his time)

What’s the link with « The Strange Way of Life », be patient, we come there…

I done a beautiful adventure in art in 2023, and why not to dare a dream… Who does nothing has nothing… I sent my file on the line in the last timing to the deadline.
And in end July, I received an amazing news from the CEO of the MvVOART Mrs Maria van Vlodrop on Instagram chat. OMG, I was selected for the show in the fabulous Powerhouse of Arts in Brooklyn in middle of October !
The Little Lady in Art went to NY, with my Memory of the Andes selected by the curator of the exhibition for the AD Art Show & the Clio AD Art Show Award.
Credit photo by Olivia Olsen


I found an Airbnb in Brooklyn, not far away the Barclays Center. And in this Christmas 2023, I saw a photo of Ethan Hawke on Insta, and I recognized the tiypical architecture of the houses from Brooklyn… So in October 2023, I was living in fact at 15 minutes of his neighborhood, and I was around the Barclays during my trip for the metro too and for little shopping, I did not know…

Crazy and more stronger, the last day of my presence in New York, I was « physicaly » not far away of Pedro Pascal the 21st October 2023, some hundredth meters of each one. He was in the show of the Saturday Night Live (SNL). We were in the same date, in the same city in the same moment. I did not know.

I let you click on the picture up, if you want to read better the text and if you want to come back on the story, click to the back arrow of your navigator or escape 😉

CHAPTER 6 : Paper of Brooklyn I written 21st Jan. 2024

This weekend, I’m in full creation in painting and gluing. I had buyed a beautiful paper inlaid of wildflowers, and leafs in an art shop in the neighborhood of the Powerhouse of Arts in my October trip, that I used for a part of the top of the 2 canvas, for the romantic touch you have in Extraña.
And I have 2 more pieces in nice brown for my « Wanted », but this 2 pieces aren’t for now.

The green of the jacket of Pedro inside the movie inspired me to test an effect… First time, that hasn’t worked (tryed on Freiday). But, I was sure it could work, so never give up… Second times yesterday and … YES, I recreated the effect of the green flash on the 2 canvas, the exact moment of the meeting between the sky and the sun or moon, how you want, the last ray of light before the night or before the morning. Absolutly magic ! The painting becomes living light.

And the paper that I had buyed in Brooklyn is really, really perfect. And like everytime, the paper found his place on the canvas with the play of the brushstrokes and pigments, my dialogue with matter.

CHAPTER 7 : Man, not cream on top, but coffee please I written 23rnd Jan 2023

I’m in a western with my 2 mens, so the coffee (aka beverage from heaven) will be use today to make some punch on my top with my paper Lokta for the 2 canvas. I had used this technique with my Memory of the Andes, and I think it’s a good link in this creation to put again this noble matter like pigments.

I take another perfume of coffee, with the same roaster with whom I had have the Colombie Medeline (because pur origin ! I want true elements). This time I’ll’use an arabica pur origin grand cru (of course, only high quality for my 2 cowboys, what else?) : the Guatemala Antigua Pastoral of course from the region of Guatemala : Antigua (like that, I’ll have a memory of spanish history, in 2 words, Antigua is an Spanish colonial town).

Memo of the Little Lady : @ 20pm : I’m back in a moment, just eat something and I follow before gluing 😉
@ 22pm : back with my coffee (to drink, not to paint… the one to paint is already on my table for the dyeing), some words before to use my coffee grounds on paper.

Well, in a moment I’ll take my coffee grounds and I let it speak to me, when all be dry tomorrow, I’ll see which paper will go for Ethan or for Pedro.
Now I’m in the part of the composition like a technician who recolors a movie, because for the moment my 2 actors are in black and white, and I must have them in colors in my mind in all the process and to imagine them already in their place on each canvas with the colors warm and cold (the recolorisation needs to be done at the end of the work juste before the appying of the gold leaf) .
Here, I have no choice that to be self-confident and to let the matter and my intuition to guid me with the intensity, the sweetness, and I’ll discover when I’ll wake up the messages written to the paper.

Hereafter : my coffee ground of Guatemala Antigua (smells so sweet, and after with the water and the glue it will semll like heaven, and look at this superb brown)

CHAPTER 8 : WAITING… AND FIXED I written 25th Jan. 24

Yesterday, I had let the 2 pieces of paper stained with the ground coffee, and they give an aspect horse seal. The papers were dry and I have fixed the « pigment » with a acryl spray high resistance UV like usual. For the moment, I need to let all have a well deserved rest.

Me I would like to work more, but I have one of my wisdom teeth that hurts me, so I ‘ll try to sleep with a pain killer, and next step for tomorrow evening, the gluing of the top and a little work with the brown to have the leather effect well integrated.


My paper effect lether is ready to be glued on the 2 canvas, with a sweet smell of Guatemala coffee, and I already see some intersting forms inside (heart, horses, letters…).

In the preparation with the coffee, I haven’t try to make a form with the glue and to draw something. I put the glue and let fall the powder of ground coffee and integrate it to the paper to have parties more massive and parties more light to make the balance, like in a dance.

Well, I start my 1st gluing with Ethan, and on his paper, the powder had taken more place with more parties massive than the one of Pedro. It is really perfect to have the balance with the color of the blue pigments which was more light than the red pigments of Pedro.
Second canvas, gluing with the one of Pedro, and to have a good line with Ethan’s canvas, I put them side by side on my table to be sure to have the same distance and the continuity.

I let them again to have a sweet night, and to dry. I’ll take care of them next night. It’s possible that something hiden is reveal during the night… I go sleeping too, it’s later 2am, and I start earlier tomorrow. Have sweet dreams my sweet friends… I take a little coffee and zzzzzz.


Not well with my tooth and…short. So chill day for Saturday to keep energy to work tomorrow to advance the canvas. I’m already happy with the effect of the stratas of papers.

Next step for Sunday :
1. to well fixe all the pigments on them
2. a little painting to consolidated the links with part of papers and paint
3. to start the last big and important part of gluing with the emplacement of the base of the « wanted »

Like that, I let all drying the time that I recover of my surgery of Monday (impossible in that statment to produce someting acceptable)

CHAPTER 11 : WISDOM THOOTH AWAY , WINK, PAIN I Written 30st Jan. 2024

Well I take away my wisdom thooth, and I’m now 3/4 less wise, the funny of the situation it’s during the intervention the analgesic doesn’t work, and I always feelt something… So the dentist used a « gun » to fall the zone asleep.

Well, I’m always in the western mood, so connected with my creation. Ouch… that hurts…

I ‘m not enough better to work. When your body says : « Stay quite, and take care of you », you do what it says. And no choice, because I can’t sleep and eat and pain killers are not really efficient the day of the surgery.

Fortunatly a day after, a little better, I have always pain but a little less. And today I try to eat, and stay quite and tomorrow too. So I hope to work on Thursday evening and during the night.
Let’s go to baby’s food, with avocado, mango, apple and yoghurt without lactose (I dont’ support lactose)

So take care of you, and never give up , follow your dreams, never mind what we say around you.


I look like a little less of a squirrel, that is a good thing, even it’s cute. And I think I have the final step for my two guys. Always to take the teaching of a break time even if it’s with a tooth that stops you, finally an away tooth. My surgery had given me pains, because my roots were deep and strong.
That had given me matter to think during my momentary life like a squirrel.

I paint with my emotions, my heart. They are always colors incorporated in my art, you don’t see them with your eyes, but it always happends inside something when you are front of it. I think that is a color palette used to the artists to touch the soul and every one of us have his/her tint .

My color palette is composed of tints of light, strengh, truth, root, love, joye, a little magic (my princess side), and perhaps others nuances that I’ll discover more I’ll advance in my creation. It’s why the art is a marvelous expression. (art in the large sense)

Why to speak about that for my composition. Simply, because I paint on two spaces, the one for the eyes and the other for the heart, like speaking upper. And for the heart, I need to understand, like the actors and actresses the « soul » of the character. It’s essential. In otherwise, you aren’t right in your play, and that sounds fals.
The theater was my first love in art, and I’m very grateful to have had the chance to play on stage. That the first key that the life offered me for undestanding my emotions and to used them in art (always in the large sense)

My roots are deep, and even now, I always work to root myself more and more deeply, and you know what, this week, the moment I understood that, my pain goes slowly away. Mind and body always connected.

So my big job this end of week, is to finish the 2 canvas, while taking into account of the essence of the 2 characters (with my feelings and my interpretation, after the 2 viewings I had have last year). But, if I continue to be confident with my sensibility, the links will take their place, like the roots of the trees in the earth, and for the moment, my two trees are very beautiful, I enjoye myself to see them finish to grow.

I’am for the moment a little more chipmunk or «little suisse », it cannot be invented. Well my head is more quite, my heart is again in his place between my sides and not longer in my jaw. So, I can use normally my color palette for this weekend to do a big advancement. Never give up !


Today afternoon I worked with M Hawke on the 2nd step on 4 (perhaps more…) and it well went. So I’m enough confident of the plane in my head. I’m on the good way.

This part of end evenning, I finish the 1st step with M Pascal and follow the way with him like for Ethan.

For the beginning of next week, during every step of waiting between the work with Ethan, I’ll work with Pedro and so on until the final step of stratas that I’ll judge necesseary to have the rendering that I want for my two men. I use the same technique that I made in place with my portrait of Prince, and the result is gorgeous. So I’m very excited to see the final reslut, I think, mhhh in end of next week, if all goes well.

Nice program for this week to come, for the evenning and night, like I’ll be always with porride for baby, I win time… Always to see the good side, more time to creat.

CHAPTER 14 : FIRE IN CHILE 💔 Valparaìso I Written 7th Feb. 2024

I had been so touched by the tragedy in Chile with this fire in Valparaìso not far away the city of Santiago de Chile, I have the heart a little loud. And I was working this beginning of week with the draw on Pedro, not easy to be connected in creation when you see all the distress of the people who lost everyting on place. I wanted to do something to help in a way, and I had seen a post of Pedro on Insta with informations for a donation. I found the website and I started to read. I understand a little Spanish, not all the words, but I’m not bad in foreign languages, so I undersand the essential. I’m not very rich, but It echoes in me to give what I can with my means. It was a right return of things, because the Chile was a part of my inspiration for my 3rd Element « the Fire » for my file of the Luxembourg Art Prize 2023, and I received a beautiful gift in end 2023 with a certificate.

You receive good, in balance I give with heart. And Chile is a country that I have on my travels list, so no hesitation.

And like I had written last year, it’s look like some lands of my home the Valais , Switzerland. And I know what it’s do when you loose your home.

I have put the link for a donation if you want to do your bit on the home page of my webite. You have several possiblities to give, and it’s easy for foreigners too (ps. it’s in Chilean peso CHF 1 gives around CLP 1’090,02, you can be surpised of the amount to write. For exemple, if you want to give CHF 100.- you must written around CLP 100’000.-, I rate you to give online an exchange rate converter)

To end this chapter, I send all my good vibes and my Love to the Chilean people on place.

CHAPTER 15 : DRAWING WITH PEDRO I Written 9th Feb. 2024

Short chapter, but long work. Finally I finished the drawing with Pedro this night, the pencil is fixed, I let him quite until tomorrow and after I’ll glue it on the canvas when I’ll be back from the job. Ethan being already ready to the 2nd step. I’ll work on the second step with him during the drying of Pedro.

CHAPTER 16 : NEVER GIVE UP ! Written the 11 + 12 Feb. 2024

What a weekend of intensive painting ! I’ve had a little moment of « panic » when I’ve had a problem with one of the delicate step of gluing in my stratas Friday night until Saturday afternoon. And sometimes, all passed not well. The matter has its rules and you have no choice to accept that. But I really have a cold on my stomac, I was afraid to not arrived to finished them in the timing.

I tryed to make some stratas with papers, and that never worked, not the right effect, too much or too few. And I feel empty inside, when I looked the 2 canvas in progression. So I knew, I was’nt on the good way. So I decided to stop to work and to have a good night of sleeping to start on Sunday.

Today, I have fight again a part of the day, nothing worked, and I had understood why in the middle of the afternoon. When you stay « aligned », you always have the help you need, and if you listen the little voice in your heart (better right for me than the head), you always have the solution.

In my head, since the beginning, I follow the movie when I’m painting. All the part up of my canvas was really « easy, light » to set up like the start of the story of Extraña and more more heavy until the morning when Jake follwed his resposability to arrest the son of Silva, and the affrontement between the two mens. So I was exactly in the end of the movie today if I may so say.

I knew inside me, that my vision is right. In fact, today, I had done another step in my evolution of painting, like in my 1st duo of the Lux 2023 or with My Purple Rain.

I’m written this line very late in the night or earlier in the morning. Now my last stratas and colors are dry to put the final touch (my favorite part of the job) the pose of the gold leaf for my two friends Ethan and Pedro.

It’s not the end credits, I have the gold leaf, and to signed them, see you for the next chapter.

CHAPTER 17 : THAT’S ALL FOLKS – MY MEN ARE HANDSOME ! I Written the 14th Feb earyl morning 😉

I’m someone stubborn and when I said something to someone or to myself, I start and I finish. And that’s all folks ! I decided to finish them for Monday and I have finished my 2 canvas at 5 am of Monday (the 12th Feb), at 7.30 am I went to work with my canvas in my arms for the shooting in the end afternoon after my job for all the advertising for my exhibition for Cannes + the Luxembourg Art Prize (1st session)… And I took some pictures of me too with my photographer, yes I do the model.

My 2 mens are handsome, I’m very happy of the result, it’s very classy and I’m very excited to show them in Cannes during the Film Festival.

And… I have done something magic… you remember I spoke about the green flash… I work now to the SFX to make this horizon alive for the exhibition, my next challenge, I have a little idea how to do.

I’ll write something in end of day, when I’ll back home after work, so see you soon.

Inspired of the short movie « Strange Way of Life » – « Extraña Forma de Vida » by Pedro Almodóvar with Ethan Hawke as Jake & Pedro Pascal as Silva

Mixed technique on canvas XL with OKASHI paper, LOKTA paper, « Brooklyn » paper of my 1st trip in October in NY, pigments, drawing with pencil, graphite, coffee grounds pure arabica grand crue Guatemala Antigua Pastoral by Grain Noir Switzerland, orchid petals white and purple, acryl, phosphorescent ink, pure 24 carats golden leaf « Manetti »

CHAPTER 18 : WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINES ? I Written 14th Feb 24

What a crazy weekend last week. I had done an huge session of painting. With Purple I had painted a day until 8 hours non-stop, but for the work on my 2 guys… I had done since Friday evening until Monday Morining 3 sessions between 12 and 15 hours non stop… I broke my record.

Like I said up, I’m stubborn, and when I have an idea or a goal to reach, I have a crazy energy to advance, I don’t konw where it comes. The timing was short but possible, even if it would be impossible that’s something can’t stop me (with some moment of doubts, when the matter decided to do its life without my conscent), I never gave up, it wasn’t in my nature. You always have the solution, when you dare to do and you belive in you. Next time, I’ll listen the little voice in my head, because, she said me a way to work in a moment, I haven’t heard… so the matter wanted not to take its place on the canvas. When I listened finally to it, all takes place, and I finished on time to take them for my shooting on Monday.

I have lost all a week of painting because surgery, and in the statement of « squirrel », the pain was always present day and night on 3 days, and a little better in end of week, it was impossible to be enougth concentraite and aligned for a good reception of inspiration.

But my canvas was already paint in my mind. My body said stop, take care of you. Okay, so I take this time I can’t creat to planned the steps for the next week.

When I’m painting, I always speak with my canvas, and it sometimes like that I find the solution. And this weekend, I discovered new effects to use !

I know when the energy travel inside the painting, I literally see it vibreated. I saw that for the top part, it’s like that I know if I was on the good way for the middle and the bottom of the paintings. When I put the gold under Ethan and Pedro, all the energy made a sort of dance in the canvas, It was like a warm wave to the canvas to my heart.

This project was living with me before I had seen the movie in Barcelona, and I’m happy about the transcription of the feelings I had kept. I had hesitated a long time before to take this « Way » of inspiration. But I had done in end 2023 a painting on Icon of the cinema, and for making a file for the Lux, I like to have a story to tell like a theater piece which is a language I like and have a big importance in my life. And I was on Broadway in December to see a theater piece in the Hayes Theater and just to see the scene, I had have an electric current in my spine, I miss it.

It’s in the theater that I decided to take this way of working on the Icon of the cinema, and Strange Way of Life was a perfect challenge. I’m happy and grateful of the travel I had done with my two mens, I have learned a lot in technique and about myself.

I do the St-Valentine alone with my two men. Tomorrow, I’ll see how to make alive the green flash, I would like to do a little installation that I could let activated during the exhibition in Cannes. I tryed a test with a lamp and the effect is unreal.

I do my « star » with my two men, I offered me this shooting with my photographer in addition of the photos of the canvas for my artist book.


I haven’t the time to write something since my last chapter, a lot of movement in short time, but today, I take the time, because my « Strange Way of Life » is on the road for me. Perhaps, I’ll speak more later…

I ordered the short movie. I received it today ! I’ll watch it tomorrow evenning, with a glass of chilean wine. I need to take care of me. I make a chill end of week with my two men. Perhaps I’ll be again inspired for another painting.

But I don’t want to charge me, hard week in emotions and new beginnig. My 42 will be, and that I’m sure, a crazy year. My schedule for this weekend is only to take care of me with my day girl and to buy a book of poetry of Pablo Neruda (my mom had seen a documentary, and she advises me to read his writings, so always listen your mom ). And I had read some infos in a book of Luis Sepúlveda when I was on the painting of « Santiago de Chile – Mi Amor » last year.

Please, take care of you, never let someone decide for you. Believe in your dreams, and do all is possible to make them real. Never give up, you are more stronger that you are thinking ! XOXO

CHAPTER 20 : WHAT TO DO ? written 1st March 23

I feel a little better, after emotional shocks last week, I take care of me and follow this weekend too before to start another creation(s). It’s why I haven’t written before.

I’m ready since one month before on my 1st deadline of the LUX. It’s good for me, I have like that time to find the conductive line for my file of this year.

Two possiblities on my way. I can stop the story of Extraña and going on another inspiraiton on the cinema, or to follow with the short movie and to dig a little the subject. It was working at my mind since one week.

And when an idea comes in different time in my mind, I’m not far away the solution. That is the case since this week. And it made echo for me in my life in this moment too, with a symbole of freedom, space and sensibility : the horses.

We are in a western, so horses are of course in the landscape. And a scene of Extraña was coming a lot of time front my eyes : the horses running in their enclosure in Silva’s ranch. But if I work on this subject for the 2nd deadline, this scene was the end of the movie, so I asked myself, if I didn’t do better to ended with this painting for the 3rnd and last deadline of the LUX in September…

I must take an important parameter : « the time », the second deadline is in end June so I have 4 months for painting by night, because I work all the day, and I have the weekend in full time, but I must be more carefull with my health and to keep real chill days, even I’m passionate to creat a new art.
And I have some chill days in May in Cannes 🥰 ohh yassss, not sorry I’m so excited and so happy. Because I really need to have time to make my level of joye and energy up.
And until September, we are of seven months of the last deadline, that more acceptable for this landscape.

I have my landscape in my mind and it’s a big, big challenge. Because I had never drawing horses. I already know the format : 1/2 Purple Rain = 40 cm by 120 cm (15.74 in x 47.24 in) .

Well… I have the beginning of the story with the introduction of my two men Jake and Silva. The end with the landscape. I just need the middle… If I take again another formula of art equation, it’s done :
2M + 2?? + 1L =SWOL-EFDV => 2 Men + 2?? + 1 Landscape = Strange Way of Life – Extraña Forma de Vida

I have in totality for the moment 3 canvas (2 ready, 1 to put in creation) and 5 it’s for me a good number, that means to find an idea for 2 canvas to do for end June and to work in same times on the landscape until end September. I like to have a sort of presentation like a piece of theater that give me a balance.

I had decide to write until the end September on my way of creation, and like you have understood, I dig inside the story of the short movie, of course, and I’ll find the middle.

Please, take care of you, love you. See you in next chapter xoxo

CHAPTER 21 : NEW CANVAS ❤️@HOME & Pedro Almodóvar waiting Light I written 05th March 2024

YES they are @ home my 3 canvas ! I was a Little Lady hidden by my 2 cardboard boxes, but they are in my living room aka my artist studio.

I have perhaps a start of idea for my middle story. I was this chill day weekend, to see an expo to the « Devil’s House », yes we have that in my city, it’s the Fellini Foundation , and we have the chance to have a lot of interesting exhibitions. Now, we have Wim Wenders with « my polaroid friends », with polas of the movie The American Friend.
And I found a little art book « Waiting for the Light » made by the Foundation when Mr Pedro Almodóvar made his pictures exhibition in 2021. Good remind of the expo, and ….to wait… no I don’t wait the light, I have it, but the light… it’s a track to dig more deeper…

I always follows the signs on my road, and it’s funny to see the 2 vases on the cover of the little artbook, that doesn’t remember you something ? Me yes, color code of the custom of Ethan and Pedro, and in the right order, of the part I choose for my 1st art work on the film inspiration for my artwork. Well, well, I let all of that growing up in my mind… I wish you sweet dreams

CHAPTER 22 : STUDY OF LIGHT I written 10th march 24

For my 1st participation of the LUX, I had working on the 4 Elements + one to have a resume. My way of creation last year was a parallel with the Elements and the energy of the female and male part by duo, in a first section physical and a second section emotional.

This edition 2024, I follow the same way and I push more deeper the reflexion:
1st duo « Physical » with the couple of Jake and Silva, the mixed of the cold and hot.
2nd duo « Emotional », okay I have a beginning of the « emotional » already in the 1st duo. Now I need to find my road in the desert.
My actual idea is to go on abstract (if the matter is ok with me, of course), to cross the emotional with a little physical. It’s perhaps why I haven’t a clear picture in head, beacause, it’s more an emotional work to get in shape.

I like the view of Mr Almdóvar to try to imitate the painting and not the photography, and just to wait the light through the windows.
My mom is a professional photographer, and I had studied with her when I was child on the silver photography the work of the light. My way of painting is a balance with the shadow and the light, to find the « right moment »; like in photography, to wait the sun making this run in the sky to give you the « light » for your picture.
That’s turns out well, we are going on Spring, and the light change, you have in the air more sweetness, lightness. I hope like last year to have a help of the light coming through my window, it was for my painting « Oriental Perfume », an inspiration of a part of my origin.
And now, I have my dvd of the movie, and I think I’ll paint with the movie in endlessly in several sessions, to have the energy of the paly of the 2 actors in my ears and inside.

CHAPTER 23 : STUDY OF COLORS I written 17th march 24

I haven’t forgot you, but a lot of things to put in order before the « Croisette », some articles to finish for art magazines, exhibitions to plan … And to be ready to start the 2nd part of the LUX… and I found perhaps a key for one of my other facet in art… File to follow.

Well, I’m working on a little painting, not to show in the LUX directly, but on a study of colors to gauge the strength of the tints for the part : formatting of the feellings. My way is to translate as much as possible the emotion of each charcater (one that touched me the most played by Ethan H. and one played by Pedro P. in the movie). For the moment that is not defined, I’ll see when the time comes.

For the format, exactly the same as my 2 men of course, to have a mirror, for the composition. I have 2 ideas that grow in my mind : absolut abstract (okay it dipends about what wants to be on the canvas) or a part graphic + abstraction. The « emotion » who will remain in me for each one will determine the structure.

And I need more time to fill my batteries (emotionals schocks to absorb), painting helps me, that a good tool with some little walk in nature.

Please, take care of you, don’t let the people to hurt your heart. xoxo


Short chapter, just to say I had finished my study of colors and light with a little canvas that I found enough nice. And I had seen a movie of M Almodóvar this weekend « Dolor y gloria / Pain and Glory  » during my end of study, to get the power of the colors in my eyes … And little week on the screen of the computer of Salvador (interpreted by Antonio Banderas) a file named « Extraña Forma de Vida ». Well, well… you again.

I’m happy of the result, I dared to put some strong colors in dialogue, and the conversation had been very intersting. I’ll do the photo tomorrow, when the battery of my camera will be full, and I think, I’ll go to participate to a contest with it in LA… I’ll see the quality of the shooting.

I prepare Cannes with some advertisings and other exhibitions too, so busy … And I’m working on a training that touches one of my dream waiting since my adolescence… File to follow.

Take care of you, enjoy life and all the little part of light you’ll find. See you in next chapter

CHAPTER 25 : TO START OR NOT TO START… I written 30th March 24

I’m doing my training, and some exercices are moving me inside and use a big part of my energy. It’s a good thing, but my feelings are deeply touched, and in my life it also moves a lot. So I’m not in the mood of painting. I need to have a little break to be ready to work on the 2nd part of the LUX before to go to Cannes (ooohhhh I’m so excited to be there), and I need to build the box for my 2 men !
I have my dresses… red or black… I don’t know for the moment which one to choose 😉😁

Take care of you inside and outside, it’s important for your balance. ❤️


I’m happy, I won a little award today in a contest in Los Angeles with my study of color, that’s give me a lot of joy and trust for the next part of the Lux.

In parallel I work on a project close to my heart like speaking before, and it’s litteral in the line of the 2nd part of the LUX with the approach of understanding and let go of the resistance, in fact how to find your freedom. I don’t lie to you, I’m afraid to see some part of me in the dakness, my resistances to be. Even the fear is present up my stomach, I see those fears aka my resitances to be like a step to my real me, I need to clean the place for more freedom. Okay I’m a warrior, let’s go in the battle. And the work wasn’t a problem for me, I signed a contrat with myself to go to the breginning to the end of this 2 projects, and I’m stubborn, so no choice, when I start something, I finish it.

It’s a great tool for my 2 next canvas, and for me of course. I’m happy of the little results I have in one week.

I let you… I go to prepare my day of lessons for tomorrow, yes I work on Sunday too !

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